Indian Technomac Company Limited (ITCOL) - Flagship Company

Indian Technomac Company Limited is one of the fastest growing Refined & Noble Alloys and Minor Metals conglomerate with increasing product footprint across the globe. ITCOL is ranked 395th in Fortune India's 500 Companies and ranked in the top ten Companies in Mining & Metals segment. ITCOL already enjoys the largest share in the country when it comes to Refined & Noble Alloys and Minor Metals. The company has ambitious plans of becoming one of the largest, Refined & Noble Alloys, Minor Metals, Rare Earth Metal & Compounds manufacturing Company in the World. With revenues of 45 Billion, the Company is expanding its asset base across the Globe. >>

Indian Technominerals Company Private Limited

Indian Technominerals Company Private Limited, is a ITCOL Group Company. The Company's Mining operations will be located in Rajasthan and will soon commence the Mining and Processing of Feldspar, Quartz, Graphite and few of the precious stones like Ruby, Topaz etc.

Minerals and Alloys Company Private Limited, Hong Kong

It was formed as a ITCOL Group Company, with an objective to actively engage in trade with China. The Company is already in the process of sourcing of Raw Materials from China for supplying to various ITCOL Group Companies in India. This Company will also sell to outside customers as it scales up.

Alloys Global Trading FZE, Dubai

As ITCOL Group Company, this Company is actively engaged in trading of various Refined & Noble Alloys and Minerals through its Dubai office. The Company is also embarking on ambitious plans of acquiring Mining concessions for Limestone in the region and play an active role in trading of various commodities.

Indian Technolime Company Limited

Indian Technolime Company Limited is a ITCOL Group Company, that produces Quick Lime, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) and Activated Calcium Carbonate (ACC). The whole of the produce is utilized as captive consumption for production of Refined & Noble Alloys and Minor Metals by the Group entities.

Indian Technometal Company Limited

Indian Technometal Company Limited, a ITCOL Group Company is engaged in manufacturing of Minor Metals. The manufacturing facility is located in picturesque location of Visakhapatnam, about 20 Kilometers from the nearest port, making it most suitable for production of export products.

ITCOL SA (Pty) Ltd.

A Holding and Joint Venture Company in South Africa, with primary interest of owning several Mines and Processing facilities across South Africa is majorly focused on mining of Manganese Ore, Diamond, Iron Ore, Coal, Chromite Ore and Rare Earth Minerals. The Company is also actively engaged in acquisition of Thermal & Coking Coal and Gold Mines, in the entire South African Continent.

ITCOL Shipping & Logistic Limited

As a ITCOL Group Company, this Company is engaged in providing a gamut of Maritime Services to all the Group Companies and also to the external customers. Within a short span of time the Company has gained good foot- hold in the trade circles and is fast expanding its operations to various Ports and ICD locations in India. The Company aspires to be a leading Shipping and NVOCC operator in the medium term.

ITCOL Hydrocarbon Company Limited

The Company is engaged in the mining activities in Meghalaya and other North Eastern states. The Company regularly offers Coal produced from its Mining operation to the local markets and is also engaged in cross border Trade with Bangladesh.

ITCOL Minerals Company Limited

ITCOL Minerals Company Limited takes pride in owning the only High Grade Sillimanite Mine in the World. The Mining operations and processing of Silliminate in Meghalaya will commence shortly.